“There's a secret "dieting number" everyone has that will

cause them to lose weight like crazy! And I want to help

you discover your number so you can stop dieting and

start eating what your body needs to lose weight!




Discover Your "Secret Dieting Number" Using A New Software Program Guaranteed To Answer The Question of How Much You Can Eat Each Day And STILL Lose Weight!”




Having a hard time sticking to a carb diet because you keep

going over on carbs or experience slow weight loss results?

Now you can change everything by understanding exactly

how many carbs you can have each day!



Dear Dieter,


In this letter I’m going to do three important things….


1)    I’m going to share with you the common myths about low-carb dieting that will cause your diet to fail miserably.


2)    I’m going to show you an easy way to “turn the tables” and really make the low-carb lifestyle easy, rewarding, and something you can do while shedding pounds like crazy.


In fact, I guarantee you’re going to look at low-carb dieting very, very differently. And by reading this letter, I also promise to show you that low-carb dieting can work for you to lose weight and keep it off - forever - with very little effort on your part.


That means…


No more struggling with crazed “carb eating binges”. No more stops on your weight loss plans where you plateau and can’t lose another pound. No more ups and downs in your weight. And no more worry about how many carbs you can safely “sneak in” while living a low carb lifestyle.


The fact of it is you don’t have to be without carbohydrates completely. There is a very real magic number that’s special to you that will let you eat carbs and still shed weight like a snake loses old skin!







I have lost 70 lbs and it is staying off.

I found that by using CarbTrack on a daily basis I could stick to my carb totals. Also it was invaluable when it came to deciding which foods I would have because of the comprehensive database. I could judge what and how much.

And it continues to help me today to maintain my weight. As I added carbs to my diet I could see if I was starting to gain weight and if so, I knew exactly how many carbs, and from what source had started the increase.

Another positive plus to using this program is that as an insulin dependent diabetic for 8 years, I was taking 5 injections daily and popping 4 pills a day. For the past 3 months, I have not had to take any insulin and have reduced my medication by 1/2. My cholesterol is great and my blood pressure is very good. It is like CarbTrack has helped me to get my life back on track."

Ron Tramer
Port Alberni
British Columbia, Canada



So the next question to ask is how much weight do you want to lose?


With what I’m about to show you, you’ll be able to pick a number of pounds you want to lose - and get there healthily, safely, and easily by simply “dialing in” your secret number.


It really is that easy!


And then, when you get to your desired weight, you simply find your new secret number and maintain that - and you’re guaranteed to keep at your desired weight.


Of course, most diets are written for the masses. But now, you can….





Find Your Own Specific Number And Make Losing Weight As Easy As “Dialing In” Your Secret Number!


Most diets fail because they aren’t specifically designed for YOU. You’re left to use what worked for someone else. But as we both know, every single person is different.


So what can you do?

You can discover what your body needs to lose weight. You can learn how much you can eat and still lose or maintain weight. And your secret number will be different than another person. It’s all about self-understanding and knowing what you can get away with.


And that’s exactly what CarbTrack can do for you!


But before understanding CarbTrack, it’s important to understand the low-carb dieting myths….




The 3 Low Carb Myths That Will Literally

Stop Your Weight Loss In its Tracks

(And May Even Cause You To Gain Weight)!


1)     I Can Eat As Much As I Want -- Unfortunately, from the way Dr. Atkins' diet book reads, it seems that life is an "All You Can Eat Buffet." But nothing could be further from the truth. In any type of food, there are calories. So if anyone overdoes the calories, and doesn't burn it off, they will *gain* weight for sure.

2)     Calories Don’t Count On Low Carb - There really is no way to “trick” your body into thinking a calorie is anything but a calorie. But, the low carb diet CAN allow you to eat more than you would imagine without gaining weight.

3)     Once I Hit My Goal Weight, The Diet Is Over - If you go back to your old eating habits, what’s going to change? Your weight will. You’ll start gaining it back - and fast. The key is figuring out how many carbs you can still have while maintaining your desired weight. And with CarbTrack, you hold the key.


CarbTrack puts you on the right track by showing you how much you can get away with eating at each stage of your diet - meaning you’re going to lose weight and then keep at your desired weight.


No hassles … CarbTrack makes it easy to find out exactly what you can eat for your specific body. And of course, once you hit your goal weight, you can increase how much you’re eating while still maintaining a preset goal.





CarbTrack is The Missing Link That Help You Succeed When All Other Diets Have Failed You!


What makes CarbTrack so different, and why does it guarantee your success?


The answer is simple…


CarbTrack is a state-of-the-art software program that finds out about you specifically, and then tailors your dietary needs (your guidelines), so you can eat a determined amount and guarantee yourself that you’ll be losing weight.


There is simply nothing else on the market that can compete with CarbTrack because it’s a tool designed to help you succeed by learning more about you!


Just think about it….


You’ve probably wondered why a diet works for one person, and then you try it and it doesn’t work for you. The answer is simple:


Everyone has a different body!


What works for them won’t always work for you. You’re different. And with CarbTrack, you can find out what makes you different and literally create a diet guaranteed to work (finally), by dialing in your “number”.



"Dear Scot,

Carb Track has allowed me to not only keep track of all the carbohydrates I consume every day, but I was able to personalize it with food values I use often. I also love how I am able to chart my progress at a glance!

I find it to be worth every penny. It is so easy to lose track of, a carb here, and a carb there...

Carb Track keeps me on track!

Thanks so much!."


Rebecca Zenzola
Barrington, NJ





Introducing CarbTrack - The Essential Companion

For Any Low-Carb Dieter That Literally

Guarantees Your Success By Teaching You

Your Dieting “Secret Number”!


"Discover the Revolutionary New Point-and-Click Software that puts an end to the dieting game once and for all, keeps you motivated to stay on track, and will have you losing weight faster (and keeping it off) the very first day you use it!"

(Requires Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP Installed)



First - for the sake of your diet - stop counting so called “Net Carbs” alone. These are actually very deceiving, and have caused many dieters to have slow results or plateau to the point where they can’t lose another pound.


Please … before ordering CarbTrack, stop thinking in terms of “Net Carbs” by themselves. You have to think in terms of a carb is a carb, and every single carb you take in over what your body will allow is going to cause you to gain weight or at the least, not shed pounds.


Now that we have that out of the way (it’s important), let me explain how CarbTrack will help you diet like a true champion and experience results like you’ve never achieved before!


Here’s what you’ll be able to do

(starting today) with CarbTrack:


  • Eliminate “Hidden Carbs” From Your Meals And No For Sure That You’re Not Eating Something That Will Cause You To Plateau or Worse … Gain Weight - Just this one feature alone is worth the price of CarbTrack because it’s one of those things that always cause carb dieters to fail. Don’t let it happen to you. Count every carb, and get the body you want as a result!


  • Expand Your Meal Plan - Get To Eat More - And Eat Your Meal With The Confidence That You’re Not Shoveling In More “Hidden Carbs” Then You Think - The easy way to plan meals with CarbTrack’s ingenious Meal Planner Plus!


  • Can You Eat Fast Food While Still Maintaining Your Carb Lifestyle? CarbTrack comes with an extensive (it’s huge) list of over 3,000 foods along with complete counts for carbs, calories, fat, and other stats. And yes, it includes a massive listing for almost every fast food chain out there, so you can still eat within your “Secret Number” even on the road!


  • Literally “Shock” Your Body Into Losing Weight Faster Using Your “Secret Number” - Find out exactly the amount of carbs and calories YOU can eat and still bust through plateaus and lose incredible amounts of weight like a sumo wrestler breaks through paper-thin walls!


  • Watch Your “Success Pattern” With A Detailed Graph That Shows You How Well You’re Doing - Such a powerful motivational tool! This graph will let you actually visually see your progress as you go from unhappy with your weight to closing in on your ideal weight - and it keeps you motivated like a magic carrot dangled in front of your nose. Just try it and you’ll see!


  • Track Body Measurements And Watch The Inches Just Slide Off - Another powerful graph you can use as a “jaw-dropping” motivational tool. Imagine seeing a graph that’s actually showing you dropping inches, and think what that will do to keep you on track with your diet!


  • One-Click Fast Access To An Accurate Count of What You’ve Eaten For The Day - Can you still have that little treat and remain within your “Secret Number”? Find out fast with access to your daily carbs consumed list with this easy to use calculator!


  • Monitor Like An Exact Science How Many Calories You’ve Burned In A Day - Including doing housework, walking around … little things you usually don’t add into a calories burned worksheet. And then it’s just a simple matter of coordinating how many calories you’re burning with how many you’re eating. Eat fewer calories than you’re burning, and you’re guaranteed to lose weight … simple as that!


  • Customize Your Exercise Routine Inside of CarbTrack So That It Fits Your Personal Needs -- CarbTrack even tracks your exercise routine with graphs so you can make baby-step improvements in strength and duration of your workouts. When you can actual *see* the results over time, it's impossible to fall of track.


  • Watch Your Weight Come Off, And Follow The Best Trends For Success - With CarbTrack, you can see what’s working for you using complete graphs. Then it’s just a matter of duplicating what brought you the best success week after week for maximum weight loss!


  • Track Your Body Mass Index (BMI) And Watch As You Close In On The Healthier You - A BMI of 25 is considered healthy. And with CarbTrack, you can find out what your goal weight should be … and get there.


  • Goal Monitor Helps Keep You On Track And Lets You Watch Your Progress - Automatically know how far you are from your weight loss goal, and it changes daily to show you how close you’re getting (great for motivation)!




It's really gratifying to be able to track my BMI and Weight Loss via the graphs through the CarbTrack software. I, also, like that the program shows the average weight loss on a per/week basis. Good product!"


Elaine Markley
Fort Collins, CO

Dear Scot,

Since getting CarbTrack I have been able to track all the hidden carbs in my diet, plus keep track of my exercise habits - seeing what works and what doesn't.

It keeps me honest where my food is concerned, with the daily record. And I love the feature where you can add in any foods you use on a regular basis that may not already be in your extensive database!

It's the best resource I've found for someone that is trying to lose weight!

Thanks again,

Becky Carlson


I have been on a low carb diet for several months now and have lost 50lbs.

Over the last month or so I have hit a plateau and could only maintain my weight. I started using CarbTrack and have started to resume losing weight.

I needed a way to track my intake as I was consuming many more carbs then I realized. This product really works."

Marc Fathauer
Sarasota, FL





By Learning Your “Secret Number” You

Can Increase Weight Loss By 25% or More

And Literally Guarantee Results!


Diets keep failing because you’re different from everyone else. And the key to getting the most from your diet is simply learning your “Secret Number” and sticking to it.


It’s easier than you think!


CarbTrack will give you your “Secret Number” and even guarantee you’ll lose weight by using this easy to use software program!




How Much Is Effective Weight Loss

That’s Permanent Worth To You?


If you’re like most dieters, you’ve probably spent hundreds … maybe even thousands … on diet plans and STILL, you’re seeking for the one that’s going to work.


Of course, you could get a surgery to make weight loss easy - and spend thousands doing it. You could keep dumping money in programs that don’t work, hoping to find the one that will.


You could continue wasting a fortune on prepared meals, diet plans, exercise programs and equipment, and all those other roads you’ve traveled down before that have given you mediocre temporary results at best.


Or you could simply “test-drive” CarbTrack, learn your “Secret Number”, and use the easy software program to take control of your diet and make losing weight a breeze!


The cost?


Not at all close to what you would expect. Since I strongly feel I hold the key to weight loss success that is permanent, I could charge about anything I want. Wouldn’t you pay hundreds of dollars right now if you were sure something would make you lose weight and keep it off? I’m betting you would.


But I don’t charge hundreds. Instead, I’m just charging $47 complete for those ordering today. But CarbTrack isn’t all you’re getting for your $47…


Get The Following Absolutely FREE

When You Act Today!

When you order today, you’re also guaranteed to receive the following free bonus gifts immediately with your order:

CarbTrack Exclusive Bonus #1 - CarbTrack Total Success Guide (including 9 Training Videos) -- Because failure is NOT an option, we went the extra step to create the CarbTrack Total Success Guide that breaks everything down for you in 8 bite-sized steps... paving the way to long-lasting weight loss and maintenance. The 9 online videos show you LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS how exactly to interact with the software and master the main functions of CarbTrack, making success that much more certain. You'll begin right away by analyzing your current weight situation and discover right away how to adjust your eating habits so you begin losing inches and weight from Day 1. (Success Guide and Videos -- $67 value)


CarbTrack Exclusive Bonus #2 - Unlimited LifeTime Updates -- Unlike some software companies I'm aware of, I won't be asking you for another dime to upgrade when the next version comes out with even better features. Sure, I'll continue to pour thousands and thousands more into continuing development of this software. And with every new feature added to CarbTrack, your one-time download fee covers a lifetime of updates to make sure your program is continually up to date. ($39 yearly value)


CarbTrack Exclusive Bonus #3 - Unlimited LifeTime Email Support -- I understand that no product can be a success without excellent support. This is sort of like having a low carb diet consultant on demand anytime you want while holding captive the mad genius who created the software. You can be certain that any questions you have will be met with a swift and appropriate response. And unlike dealing with a multi-million and billion dollar corporations and so-called customer service, you'll receive unlimited lifetime software support without the extra cost. But don't wait until I get too busy, order now to assure you'll get this full bonus pack with lifetime email support. ($79 yearly value)


CarbTrack Exclusive Bonus #4 - Clearing the Air of Confusion About the Atkins Diet -- we conducted an in-depth exclusive interview with leading Low Carb advocate, Dr Gregory Ellis, Ph.D, CNS. In this interview, Dr. Ellis answers many of your most commonly asked Low Carb Questions, with in-depth detail that clears away any smoke or confusion once and for all. The transcript of this interview is available exclusively right here. ($29 value)


CarbTrack Exlusive Bonus #5 - 75 Mouth Watering Low Carb Recipes -- As a sort of cherry to top everything off, these extra mouth-watering recipes will make sure to keep the variety in your low carb lifestyle. 12 different categories, from deserts to seafood, there's something to please the most discriminating palate. This is perfect for The Atkins Diet, The South Beach Diet or any other Low Carb Diet. ($17 value)

That's over $231 worth of bonuses to boot . . . more than triple the cost of the software alone. And even if you do decide to ask for your money back, you can feel free to keep everything as my thanks for giving CarbTrack a try.

It can’t get any fairer than that. And when you order today, you’re guaranteed to receive everything listed above. Plus, it’s all backed with a full money back guarantee that actually lets you test everything out first before you commit…



Order CarbTrack Right Now And Take It For A Risk-Free Test Drive With Our Full Money Back Guarantee!



Listen … I want to make this absolutely “no risk” for you when you order right now - and I’ll even guarantee results!


Order CarbTrack and put it to the test for a full 90 days with no obligation. During this trial period, you must agree that CarbTrack is easy to use, that learning your “Secret Number” is the key to losing more weight that you’ll be able to keep your weight off, and that CarbTrack is worth 10 times the price I’m asking. If you don’t agree with anything - or you aren’t thrilled with CarbTrack for ANY reason - then I insist on giving you a full refund immediately!


This is it! I’m confident that the discovery of your “Secret Number” and the use of CarbTrack is exactly what you need to lose weight and keep it off forever. Just follow the simple instructions and you must agree this is the “magic pill” for weight loss you’ve been looking for - or your money back.




Why Am I Making Such A Generous

Offer For Such A Low Price?


The Internet is truly a wonderful thing. Instead of having to ship you out the software and truckload of bonuses, I’m able to deliver everything to you online.


What does this mean?

It means my expense for getting you all this valuable weight loss stuff guaranteed to help you shed pounds like crazy is very little. I’m making almost pure profit when you order today.


But there is an added bonus here for you too…


Being that we’re working online, you get everything immediately. That means that you can start using the software and all the free bonuses as fast as you can access them. It’s all handled online, meaning no waiting for the post office to deliver your stuff.


In mere moments, you’ll have access to everything listed on this page!




However, This Is An Extremely Limited

Offer So I Ask That You Act Today!


Sure … the price is low, the bonuses are outstanding, and the guarantee that lets you test drive everything and make sure it works for you is absolutely amazing.


But it will never last.


$47 for everything is a test price - one that’s very fluid. Over time, I’m planning on changing things around, which means I might start removing the free bonuses, not offer a test drive, or start charging $97 or more for the package.


The fact is the only way to absolutely guarantee that you’re getting everything as it’s listed is to order this very moment. After today, I make no guarantee on price, bonuses, or the guarantee.


So order right now and assure you’re getting everything for the lowest price available. It’s easy. You’ll simply fill out a short form and then be directed to get everything I’ve just told you about. Click the "Buy Now" button to order right now.



Isn’t It Time Your Diet Plan Finally

Works For You - Guaranteeing You’ll Lose Weight - And More Importantly, Keep It Off?



You don’t have to jump from one weight loss plan to the next. You don’t have to keep investing in programs and meal plans that are costing you hundreds … even thousands.


And you sure as heck don’t have to be condemned to a life of being unhappy with your weight. Everything can change dramatically for you today once you discover CarbTrack!


Please, make the one change in your life that can save your life and your mind. Don’t fall victim to more programs that don’t work or more expensive alternatives that promise you the world and never deliver.


You have no risk by ordering today. I want CarbTrack to prove itself before you ever commit to anything.


So go ahead … order right now. It just takes a few moments to get everything listed on this page. And you’re guaranteed to see real results as a result of your taking action today or get a full refund anytime during your 90 day test drive.


To your weight loss success!

Scot Standke, Founder
CarbTrack - "The Low Carb Software"


P.S.: Remember, you have a full 90 day “grace” period to try out CarbTrack without an ounce of risk. You must start losing weight after discovering your “Secret Number” and following it, you must find the program easy to use, and you must overall see real results. If you’re not thrilled for any reason, worry not. Let me know within your 90 day test drive and I’ll give you your money back and let you keep everything for just trying out CarbTrack!

P.P.S.: Again, this offer is extremely limited. The price, free bonuses, and test drive option are ONLY guaranteed until the end of the day. After that, the price could jump to $97 or more - and the bonuses could disappear forever. Simply fill out the short form and order now to get everything listed in this letter. Just click the "Buy Now" button to order right now.

P.P.P.S.: Still not convinced? Listen to what countless others like you have to say about Carbtrack. Click here.


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